On the Plane: Mon’s Food #1

We are on the plane.

Mon said he could live here.

Mon said he likes plane food.

We both had the pasta. Mon made a pasta sandwich with the little bun. I pointed out that if he ate his pasta sandwich then he would have nothing with which to mop up the sauce afterwards. Mon considered this for a moment, and then dismantled the pasta sandwich.

Now this really was interesting, for Mon’s thinking as far as eating goes is usually far in advance of mine, and it is uncommon for me to ever instruct him in any way. Quite the contrary in fact, for when we eat together I refuse to start eating before he does, because I know that he will prime the dish in some ingenious way, perhaps forming a pond from potato to be filled with stew, mushing an egg up with hot sauce, or simply adding a little sprinkle of something. My own efforts at such edits always end in elaborate failure.

The meal is eaten, and the crumpled foil containers sit before us. My personal video screen is not working. The flight is ruined. Mon is watching ‘The Hunger Games’, and I am drinking wine and writing my weird little blogs.

Part of the reason that I am doing this blog is that I want to be more of a journalist, and, vitally, to APPEAR to be more of a journalist. I am painfully aware that thus far I have not really said anything newsworthy, but to be fair, I am on a plane and the airport goes to some lengths to stop anything newsworthy boarding (which reminds me, a man with gloves on dabbed me with a tiny square of tissue. He dabbed my wrists, my belt, and my socks. This struck me as something they might of done at a witch trial or in the inquisition).

Anyway, even if it can’t qualify as news, I know that there are a handful of you out there who are a little curious to see how his incorrigible and creative culinary habits adapt to North American cuisine.

I showed Mon the blog, and then asked him if he thought it would potentially embarrass me to a newspaper. Mon said he didn’t think newspapers seemed to be embarrassed by very much. I laughed, and told him that that was going straight in the next post.

Mon says he is going to stay ‘blog aware’ from now on.

Stay powerful.