Workshops for Schools all over the UK, and beyond! (Also available for events — just enquire)

Build Your Own Society : KS1 – KS2 : Suitable for both KS1 and KS2, this workshop will help you fulfil your SMSC educational requirements, and provide an excellent springboard for further work and discussion around the topics of British values, morality and the law.

Storytelling to Aid Literacy : KS1 – KS2 : Suitable for both KS1 and KS2, this workshop utilises oral narratives to overcome common obstacles to children’s access to key literacy skills, raising the average level of your class and equipping your class to succeed in literacy.

WWI Poetry :  KS2 – KS3 : First world war poetry workshop, including reading and discussing war poetry and the construction of an original piece by each participant.

Never Never Land Adventure : KS1 : Take your whole class on an adventure to a magical island. This workshop focuses on imaginative play, world-creation, and speaking and listening skills. 

Stories from World Religions : KS1 – KS4 : Adaptable for all ages, this is a storytelling performance that can be tailored to include the religions and values that you need covered. This is a super fun and engaging way for you to fulfil your SMSC educational requirements and promote the ‘British Values’ of ‘individual liberty’, and ‘mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’.


CONFIDENCE IN PUBLIC SPEAKING THROUGH STORYTELLING : ADULTS Facilitated with famous artist and unknown comedian Stephen Park. Previous workshops run at the RCA and Dartmoor Arts Week. More info.

Storytelling to Aid Literacy

WWI Poetry : KS2 — KS3

Never Never Land Adventure : KS1 — KS2

Build Your Own Society

Stories from World Religions : KS1 — KS4