Storytelling is perhaps the most ancient of all the art forms, and today the tale well-honoured has not lost the capacity to cast a spell over listeners of every age. Every storyteller carries a rattling bag of stories that they tell. My old man passed on to me Arthurian legends and Greek Myths, and I’ve expanded the repertoire to include stories of Robin Hood, Russian and Ukrainian folk tales, stories of the Mahabharata, stories from the Bible, Sufi Wisdom stories, and contemporary Urban Legends.

Stories are always needed: whether at a fireside, in the classroom, or over zoom. Storytelling is a wonderfully diverse and surprising tradition of performance.

Among other places I’ve performed at the National Theatre’s River Stage, Mayfest festival, the Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment Fortnight, The Crick Crack Club, and Bristol Museum. My shows include a retelling of Prometheus, the story of The Book Bound in Human Skin (as taken from my book Bristol Urban Legends) and Feral Children.

I can help you write, tell and perform your story! Please get in touch to ask anything