Never Never Land Adventure : KS1 — KS2

Take your whole class on an adventure to a magical island. This workshop focuses on imaginative play, world-creation, and speaking and listening skills. Number of children: 10 – 35 Suitable for: KS1 Time needed: 30 mins — 1 hr Space needed: Classroom Equipment needed: Whiteboards, whiteboard markers, pencils, paper.                Continue reading “Never Never Land Adventure : KS1 — KS2”

Stories from World Religions : KS1 — KS4

Adaptable for all ages, this is a storytelling performance that can be tailored to include the religions and values that you need covered. This is a fun and engaging way for you to fulfil your SMSC educational requirements and promote the ‘British Values’ of ‘individual liberty,’ and ‘mutual respect and tolerance of those with differentContinue reading “Stories from World Religions : KS1 — KS4”