Everyone has stories. There are some great stories out there. I like to tell them. Other things to do with stories include: writing them, listening to them, reading them, thinking them over. If you have a story please send it in to the <INSPIRATION STATION>


Whatever you do, please don’t tell me a BORING STORY. I smash boring stories with my griot stick: whack! whack!, says my stick as I go, moving through the jungle at incredible speed, dodging spiders, tigers, ghosts, hungry ghosts – and then, BANG! I’ve fallen into a pit, I’ve stumbled into a bandit’s den, I’ve turned into a fox, I’m being chased by hunters, I’m chasing a rabbit, the rabbit’s making me soup, selling me stones… next thing I’ve turned into a bird!: I’m free to dance up right into the sky, blow the moon and her flocks of stars a kiss, and explode into a billion poisonous frogs with parachutes. Or something.

Do you have a story? Can I steal it? Please submit it NOW in the INSPIRATION STATION