Tell me what you think of what I have done or what you think I have done, but not what you think you’ve done or what you think I think you have done or I have done, or if you are Duncan.

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  1. I like this website. It is pretty and has many useful and practical attributes BUT…
    If you asked me to iron your clothes Wilf before you went away I would put milk where the water should go.

  2. Stephen Park and Wilf Merttens doing the storytelling course again this year. Fond memories of Stephen rolling on the floor from laughing so hard. I seriously recommend this course – it was life changing, empowering, hilarious and emotional. My stomach muscles ached after 3 days of continuous laughing. performing on stage was brilliant – I didn’t want to get off! take the plunge…Now I can talk anywhere, to any number of people without being scared…

  3. FINALLY, some abuse! I have been doing it all myself for too long. Thank you kindly Mr. Th(inc). However, with regards to your second attempt, you should know that I probably would not believe you if you tried to blame it on Linda as if she wanted to stick chewing gum in my hair she would just stick chewing gum in my hair. No hat, no paint, just like that in the middle of the day.
    Good day to you sir!

  4. Hmmm, there’s not nearly enough abuse on this page and no one seems to be doing anything about that. I love the concept but this page isn’t really owning up to it fully, and seeing as how I am a solution-oriented fellow,I should help my good friend out.

    Here goes:

    Microwaved cat. Wilf’s cat. (Maybe a bit much for my first one. Let’s try something tamer.)

    Chewed gum; spray-painted the same color as the inside of Wilf’s favorite hat, and then put on the inside of said hat and placed on Wilf’s head while he’s asleep. ooh, then I’d tell him that Linda did it!

    There. Abuse.

  5. Hello Wilf
    I don’t want to abuse the length of this praise-message longer than necessary… just a word or two:
    I just wanted to let you know that your performance embossed definitely a long-term signet into my synaptic webs of my head!
    I plan to become a teacher (in Germany) some day… What you did and the way you’ve done it could even be useful for people who want to acquire teaching-skills.
    But I have to warn you. …keep telling stories and you might not stay the “miserable guy” you mentioned ;).

  6. Your incredible storytelling and general pied piper-ness deserves great praise! Highly recommended. My children miss you at their school (Sefton Park), so long since we’ve seen you, greetings and love from Nikki (PS I am definitely Duncan)

  7. My Goodness,

    Did I miss you last year, when you were at my school (St. Ignatiusgymasium in Amsterdam)? I think so. I would’ve killed someone to hear you telling a story, which I believe you do awesomely 🙂
    And tell, were you in 2003 in Holland, being a student and watching mrs Dijkzeul teaching us about cats and dogs, rubber fishies and stuff like that?

    If yes, well, that has been a long time ago! And, major congrats with the career-switch you made! (Or I think you made.)

    Whoa, are you planning to return to the Netherlands soon? Keep us posted!

    Au revoir,


  8. The following is feedback from a weekend storytelling workshop for adults run with comedian Stephen Park in summer 2010

    Excellent structure from the myriad of warm up games to managing getting all of us to feel confident enough to perform our long, tall and bonkers tales… Blimey- A life changing experience.


Well structured I thought the first day of improv and second working on the story worked well
Getting the feedback and advice from the tutors prior to the performance. 

Mixing with and getting to know wonderful and interesting people. Trying to do things I would NEVER normally do.

    The support of the leaders Wilf and Stephen, the support of the participants and the playfulness, the endless playfulness… It made me feel inspired and terrified simultaneously. Fabulous.  Thank you Both and All.

    The amazing atmosphere created by the group. What a good method of learning and creating a story to tell.

  9. The following is feedback from the tour of ‘Prometheus’ in winter 2009

    It was a beautiful approach to Prometheus, one of my favorite stories so far in storytelling.
    Very moving
    Loved his stillness which draws us to him
    Ability to include own humour into classic story
    Very powerful confident telling of mythological story
    Easy transition from atmosphere to atmosphere
    The whole story was excellent – brilliantly told and thoroughly enjoyable
    Draws you in (and keeps you there)
    Modern but true to tradition
    Great accents
    Very descriptive, sort of how Phillip Pullman writes
    Original and vivid vocabulary
    Complicated but amazing enough to bring tears to your eyes
    Very versatile
    Very expressive
    Serious (but funny)
    Gem of a performance
    Well crafted and somewhat dangerous

  10. Hey Wilf

    A long time ago, at the Junction in Bristol you asked me what was happening with the emergency poetry hotline, and i said that i’d lost the phone with all the messages down the sofa.

    Well, i’ve finally managed to get the mother up and running again, and though I realise you might not be in danger or need of leaving an emergency poetry I wondered whether you might give it a little test run…

    Emerɡency Poetry Hotline – iːmədʒənsiː pəʊətriː hɒtlaɪn

    to leave a poem ring 07583734358
    to listen to some poetry (wherever you are) ring 07583734422

    Once a week or so we’ll post any new poems up here for your listening pleasure. We will also transcribe poems so they can be read in IPA and English orthographics.

  11. Mr Merttens you are a wonderful and talented man. The website is looking grand. Very well done dirty blonde human boy xx

  12. Hey wilf!
    i am from the st.ignatius and i just wanted to say that ur stories are awsome and u realy should keep going! en serously you should think about writing a book with all your stories! and maybe u should visit our school again.
    everybody liked u 😉


  13. Hey Wilf! Ur story was awesome!!!!
    It was so mutch more fun than a lesson or something! I hope u can come 2 my school (st.ignatiusgymnasium) again 2 tell a story bcause it was cool. U don’t have 2 change anything!!!!
    (PS. I loved the dutch gangsters with the kroket!!!:P)

  14. Hey Wilf! You were on my school this wednesday, you were doing fantastic! It was funny and you don’t have to change anything. I’m glad you came, now I can tell my friends that I was told a story by the storyteller of the year and they’re not:P

  15. Hey Wilf ! I’m from the St.Ignatiusgymnasium (the school where you was yesterday) The story was awesome, keep it that way. Thanks for coming, we all enjoyed the jokes and stuff xD Good luck with everything. Greets, Mod.

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