Lies! All lies!!!

Yr 5 told me all these lies. Naturally, I believed every single one of them:

I’ve put my finger in a lions mouth.

Will-I-am is my dad.

My mum is going to buy me a solid, gilten gold machine

When I toched the pencil I got paralize

My brother tuched the pencil and sted into a dog.

I once was a baby celebrity.

Today was a terrible day because I got chased by 150 vicious police dogs and ended up in a painful coma (oh dear).

My sister eats children.

I was a shoe for 6 months!

I was playing table tennis and a hamster kidnapped me.


Today I slept inside the moon wearing my malfunction robot shoes which massage my ogre feat (it feels so nice) 

All videogames were based on true stories.

My dad built KFC in space.

This might look like ordinary headphones but, its actually an audio system to the KFC in out of space.

IMAG0177 IMAG0180