Journey Poems from the students at King’s Forest School

Brand New
21st Century Flats
Are being built directly opposite
While our house has paint flaking
The flats are brand spanking new
As I walk on (trying to ignore the flats)
I come across a red and grey car dealership
Which I figure to be Vauxhall
With brand new cars staring directly at me
Every step I take
The smell of burnt toast gets greater
The tireless road invites more cars
When I look to my left
I see at least one old homeless man
Weak and hungry
He looked like he had lived on the streets for years
As I looked closer and closer
I saw something slivering down his back
After another 10 minute walk
I arrive at the park
And that was my journey


My Journey to School
I walk out the door and see a road.
I can imagine the souls that used to walk here.
I continue the journey,
I hear the trees waving as if they’re saying hello.
I couldn’t see anybody but my sisters and my mum.
Maybe they ran away.
I walk around the corner and cars speed past like lightning,
I can hear a man laughing.
I walk down a hill and trip over a red glowing rock.
I pick it up and hide it in my pocket, everything starts to go blurry.
I throw the rock on the floor.
That sound
When it smashes
It echoed through my ears.
My mum handed me 10p for toast.
I could already smell it.
The school bell rings.
I start running and just make it into the classroom.




The Town
As I stepped out of the warm, comforting bakery
The biting air sweeps over me
A single bag staggered down the desolate street
Filling my soul with loneliness
A bell broke the silence with its ‘DING’
Like a microwave finished cooking
My hands full of pastries I took a bite
It wasn’t the usual glorious taste
A car whooshes by
I ran down the rusty road
It was like the high street was old machinery shut down
I slammed the door and thundered up to my room